The circus dogs of Prague
—Delaney, Rachelle, author.
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JR the terrier and his embassy friends Robert, Pie, and Beatrix are on their way to Prague! Having solved the mystery of the missing dogs in Moscow, JR is ready for a vacation with his human, George, and Georges Russian girlfriend, Nadya. And where better to distract themselves than in Prague, taking in the sights and meeting Nadyas brother, a circus performer. But something is amiss at the circus - the animals are unhappy. The boxing kangaroo doesnt want to box, the dancing chimpanzee doesnt want to dance. Not only that, but a fancy new circus is coming to town, threatening to put everyone out of a job. Its up to JR and the embassy dogs to save the show, with the help of some unlikely accomplices. Grades 3-6. Sequel to "The metro dogs of Moscow". 2013.

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