Zero repeat forever
—Prendergast, Gabrielle, author.
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"Sixteen-year-old Raven is off to do community service as a camp counselor in the Canadian wilderness, resolved to repair the damage she's done to her life and show her parents that her boyfriend Tucker can live up to his promises. But all her good intentions go up in smoke when the Nahx invade, destroying cities and taking control of the planet with terrifying swiftness. In their remote camp in the foothills of Alberta, Raven and her friends think they might be safe if they can just remain undetected, and find some way to survive the winter. Until a Nahx kills Tucker ̥He has no voice, or name, only a rank: Eighth. He doesn't know the details of his mission, only his duties, yet there's something familiar about the humans, something affecting about the way they scream and fall. But Eighth can't let that distract him. All he can do is follow his Offside and do what she tells him: kick down doors, tear open locks. He lives to make her happy. Until a human kills her ... Driven by vengeance and fear, Raven and Eighth cross paths as autumn turns to winter. They should hate each other, want each other dead, but maybe, just maybe, they can help each other. In a world forever changed by violent forces neither of them understands, Raven and Eighth must warily forge ahead together in a search, not just for safety, but also for answers."-- Provided by publisher.

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