The house next door
—Sutherland, Joel A., 1980-
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Having grown up in the country with woods to explore and lakes to swim in, Matt isn't exactly thrilled when his parents move to a new subdivision of cookie-cutter houses an hour east of Toronto. But he's determined to make the most of the move. His little sister Sophie, on the other hand, is absolutely miserable ... until they discover that the house next door - an old stone farmhouse (whose owners have stubbornly refused to sell to developers) - has a horse. Though the animal never lets them get close enough for a good look, it's clear to the kids that it's on its last legs. Sophie doesn't care if the horse is past its prime. She always wanted a horse; perhaps whoever lives next door will let her ride it if she helps care for it. One night Matt spots Sophie on the other side of the fence between their house and the old farmhouse, trying to coax the horse into accepting an apple. He has a bad feeling about that house, and rushes out to stop her. Only then do they discover that the horse is in far worse shape than they thought. It's not ill - it's a ghost. And so is the family that finally emerges from the house to protect their beloved animal.

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Haunted ; 1
Haunted houses -- Juvenile fiction.
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Lanting, Norm.
154 pages : illustrations.
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