Misfit : autistic, gay, immigrant, changemaker : a memoir

Published 2018
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"An inspiring memoir by one of Canada's most unusual, successful and socially conscious businesspeople. Was he gifted or a hopeless misfit? That was the defining dilemma of Andreas Souvaliotis's childhood, adolescence and young life. Andreas grew up in Greece and then Toronto at a time when being on the autism spectrum wasn't easily diagnosed or even discussed. Minds like his were simply considered odd. The polite and friendly would focus their attention and their remarks on his extraordinary ability with numbers and his talent at the piano. But he was left in no doubt about the main impression he made on others. He was different, quirky, a social and emotional outcast. It was nothing short of a disability. Being the gay son of a homophoboic father presented difficuties too. Misfit is the by turns hilarious, weird, tender but always engaging memoir of an outsider who has gone on to enjoy a string of triumphs. The musical prodigy who might have become a great concert pianist surprises everyone first by becoming something of an export marketing guru in Canada's tech industry. And then: "It all happened in a flash. On a beautiful spring morning in 2007, sitting in my backyard and licking my wounds from a spectacular career derailment, I came up with a big idea--and I found myself contemplating the most daring and unconventional pursuit of my life." The weird kid from Greece was on his way to making his world, and everyone's world, a better place."-- Provided by publisher.

Updated and expanded edition.
xiv, 271 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Previously published by the author in 2013.
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