The longevity paradox : how to die young at a ripe old age
—Gundry, Steven R., author.
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From the moment we are born, our cells begin to age. But aging does not have to mean decline. Dr. Steven Gundry has been treating mature patients for most of his career. He knows that everyone thinks they want to live forever, until they hit middle age and witness the suffering of their parents and even their peers. So how do we solve the paradox of wanting to live to a ripe old age -- but enjoy the benefits of youth? Dr. Gundry outlines a nutrition and lifestyle plan to support gut health and live well for decades to come. A progressive take on the new science of aging, The Longevity Paradox offers an action plan to prevent and reverse disease as well as simple hacks to help anyone look and feel younger and more vital.

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Aging -- Nutritional aspects.
Aging -- Prevention.
Gastrointestinal system -- Microbiology.
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Lipper, Jodi, author.
First edition.
373 pages ; 24 cm
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How to die young at a ripe old age
Includes recipes.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 323-354) and index.
Introduction: This is a test
Part I: The aging myths. Ancient genes control your fate. Protect and defend ; What you think is keeping you young is probably making you old
Part II: Talkin' 'bout my regeneration. Get younger from the inside out ; Dance your way into old age ; Remember your old age ; Look younger as you age
Part III: The Longevity Paradox program. The Longevity Paradox foods ; The Longevity Paradox meal plan ; The Longevity Paradox lifestyle plan ; Longevity Paradox supplement recommendations ; Longevity Paradox recipes.
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