Super human the bulletproof plan to age backward and maybe even live forever
—Asprey, Dave.
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While we tend to assume that our lives will follow a bell curve - peaking in middle age and gradually declining each year thereafter - Dave Asprey's research reveals there is another way. In "Super Human," he reveals how to make changes on the subcellular level to not only dramatically extend our lives, but also enhance quality of life. Using simple interventions that include nutrition, sleep, light therapy, exercise, and supplementation, as well as little-known but powerful technologies like ozone therapy and proper jaw alignment, you can decelerate cellular aging and super-charge your body's ability to heal and rejuvenate starting today. Asprey's "Super Human" arms readers with practical advice they can implement immediately to maximize the quality and quantity of their years. - back cover

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Aging -- Prevention -- Popular works.
Large type books.
Physical fitness -- Nutritional aspects.
Physical fitness -- Physiological aspects.
9780062943866 (pbk.)
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534 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
Contents: Introduction: Your ancestors were biohackers
PART I: Don't Die: 1. The four killers
2. The seven pillars of aging
3. Food is an anti-aging drug
4. Sleep or die
5. Using light to gain superpowers. PART II: Age Backward: 6. Turn your brain back on
7. Metal bashing
8. Polluting your body with ozone
9. Fertility = Longevity
10. Your teeth are a window to the nervous system
11. Humans are walking petri dishes. PART III: Heal like a deity: 12. Virgin cells and vampire blood
13. Don't look like an alien: avoiding baldness, grays, and wrinkles
14. Hack your longevity like a Russian
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