Keto-green 16 : the fat-burning power of ketogenic eating + the nourishing strength of alkaline foods = rapid weight loss and hormone balance

Published 2020
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"An innovative 16-day plan that combines the fat-burning benefits of a ketogenic diet with the brain-clearing and keto-flu protection of alkaline food, by the USA Today bestselling author of The Hormone Fix. There is no question that keto eating is the biggest diet trend in years. And it really works--dieters often report super-fast weight loss. But they also complain about the rigidity of the diet, as well as the flu-like symptoms that often accompany this high-fat/low-carb way of life. The solution? Add alkaline foods to your plate--leafy greens, other vegetables, broths, healthy oils, nuts and seeds--for a lifestyle that's more sustainable and easier on your body. In other words: go Keto-Green! A triple-board certified physician, Dr. Anna Cabeca developed this unique method through years of careful patient and test panel research. In Keto-Green 16, she explains the science behind her innovative plan: Pairing keto staples with foods that bring the body's pH to a more alkaline level (lots of greens!) is the best way to balance the hormones responsible for hijacking intentions and increased belly fat. An added bonus: a Keto-Green diet also sharpens thinking and boosts mood. With 16 days of what-to-eat instruction, more than 50 delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes (many shown in the mouth-wateringly beautiful four-color photo insert), information about the 16 best alkaline foods, a 16-hour intermittent fasting strategy, and 16-minute HIIT exercise routines, Keto-Green 16 will ensure that readers skip the flu and get on with rapid and amazing weight loss"-- Provided by publisher.

xix, 326 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour) ; 25 cm
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Keto-green sixteen
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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