Black American history for dummies

Published 2021
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Black American History For Dummies reveals the terrors and struggles and celebrates the triumphs of Black Americans. This handy book goes way beyond what you may have studied in school, digging into the complexities and the intrigues that make up Black America. From slavery and the Civil Rights movement to Black Wall Street, Juneteenth, redlining, and Black Lives Matter, this book offers an accessible resource for understanding the facts and events critical to Black history in America. The history of Black Americans is the history of Americans; Americans dance to Black music, read Black literature, watch Black movies, and whether they know it or not reap the benefits of the vibrant political, athletic, and sociological contributions of Black Americans. With this book, you can dive into history, culture, and beyond. See how far there's yet to go in the approach to studying Black American culture and ending racism.

xvi, 523 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Coming to America
Long road to freedom
Pillars of change: the Civil Rights movement
Cultural foundations
A touch of genius: music, film, TV, and sports
The part of tens.
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