We can do better : urgent innovations to improve mental health access and care

Published 2021
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"A leading psychiatrist and mental health expert reveals important issues in mental health care today and introduces innovations to revolutionize and improve mental health for everyone. Mental health care systems are failing to deliver proven treatments in a timely manner, and the consequences, for individuals and societies, are dire. In this urgent book, world renowned psychiatrist and mental health care expert Dr. David Goldbloom outlines proven innovations in medicine and health care delivery that we could benefit from today--if we only had the will to share, use, and fund these brilliant tools. Using fictional--but all too real--examples of people suffering from various mental illnesses, from depression to opioid addiction, and drawn from his real-life experiences in this field, Goldbloom reveals the barriers to care and other faults in mental health care systems. He then shows the simple, yet startlingly effective innovations we never knew existed that can help people now. Smart, candid, and persuasive, What Will It Take? Is a timely call for improving mental health care with innovations for better access to and quality of help--a roadmap to better well-being for everyone."-- Provided by publisher.

Simon & Schuster Canada edition.
viii, 213 pages ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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