Forever MacGregor

Published 2021
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For now, forever: Self-made millionaire Daniel MacGregor is used to getting what he wants. Whether business or pleasure, Daniel can charm his way through it all. So when he meets the fiercely independent Anna Whitfield he's surprised when she coolly dismisses him. Studying to be a surgeon, Anna has no patience for Daniel's foolish opinions, and she won't be distracted by his flattery. But Daniel is not about to let the love of his life slip through his fingers. He's determined to win her over...and that might just end up costing him everything. The winning hand: Darcy Wallace has less than ten dollars in her pocket when her car breaks down just outside Las Vegas. Dazzled by the lights and desperate to take a chance, she spends the last of her money at a hotel casino and wins the jackpot. When casino manager Robert MacGregor Blade sees how innocent and nervous Darcy is, all he wants to do is protect her. But there's something alluring about the young stranger, and it's messing with Mac's good intentions. Winning Darcy over will be a gamble, but it could be the most rewarding one of Mac's life.

[443 pages] ; [18 cm].
For now, forever First published in ©1987.
The winning hand First published in ©1998.
For now, forever
The winning hand.
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