Babies don't make small talk (so why should I?) : the introvert's guide to surviving parenthood

Published 2021
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"A baby can be a good excuse to skip a party, but ... goodbye alone time, hello awkward new social obligations. All parents want the same things: to balance work and home life, to raise happy kids, to never attend a baby drumming class, and to build a secret room in their home where they can hide (preferably not the bathroom). Yes, an introverted parent would more keenly want to be free of the slew of attention and expectations that accompany both pregnancy and parenthood, but even the most outgoing person is sure to reach their limit eventually. Here, with laugh-out-loud humor and well-earned experience, Julie Vick offers coping mechanisms for everything from sharing the news that you are becoming a parent to the moment the baby is born (one way or another, it will happen), from managing doctor visits to handling playdates. She offers advice on finding childcare and ignoring the nursing versus formula conversation with strangers. Witty yet valuable, her tips, checklists, and the occasional chart focus on the time from pregnancy through preschool"-- Publisher.

xvii, 190 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes index.
Part one. Your last taste of freedom
1. To have or not to have a kid
2. Pregnancy : when a baby is going to come out of your body (one way or another)
3. Expecting another way
4. Sharing the news
5. Panic! at the baby shower
6. If you overthink things and you know it : selecting a baby name
Part two. Surviving the first year
7. Showtime : the birth
8. Social overload : managing well-meaning friends and family
9. Nourishment with a dash of judgement : feeding your baby
10. Not even alone in your sleep : managing lack of sleep
11. Information overload : dealing with social media and conflicting advice
12. I might actually be here to make friends : finding parent friends
13. Securing your alone time : selecting childcare
14. Required outings : managing doctor visits
15. How to deal with never being alone
16. The days are long, but the baby classes are longer : surviving parent-child classes
17. Birthday parties : throwing them
Part three. Welcome to toddlerville
18. Forced socialization : playdates
19. Attending kids' birthday parties
20. All eyes on you : public tantrums
21. Kids are loud : trying to find your quiet
22. Bedtime struggles
23. The great outdoors : how to survive the playground
24. Food fights : eating out with your toddler
25. I need you! Dealing with constant interruptions
26. Babes in travel land : traveling with young kids
27. Welcome to the jungle : starting preschool
28. The more the scarier : expecting another child
29. Reflection time.
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