Church curiosities : strange objects and bizarre legends

Published 2021
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Why does Frensham Church contain a cauldron said to have belonged to fairies? What stories lurk behind Lincoln Cathedral's imp, Westminster Abbey's macabre royal effigies, and Salisbury Cathedral's 'boy bishop' statue? Why do Britain's churches contain dragon-slaying spears, monstrous cows' ribs, pagan Roman altars, reindeer horns, and archbishops' mummified skulls? David Castleton takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of lepers' squints, sanctuary knockers, virgins' garlands, and pancake bells, forever altering your view of Britain's churches and cathedrals.

96 pages, 1 volume : illustrations (colour) ; 21 cm.
Standing stones, runes and pagan altars
Legendary skulls, strange remains and weird repositories
Giants' graves, odd epitaphs and resurrection men
Mysterious crypts, secret tunnels and macabre effigies
Holy wells, sacred eels and saints' skulls
Odd artefacts and strange ceremonies
An emporium of oddities.
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