The garden in every sense and season : a year of insights and inspiration from my garden

Published 2021
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"So much of gardening is focused on seasonal to-do lists and daily upkeep. But what about taking time to just enjoy the garden? The Garden in Every Sense and Season urges you to revel in what you've created. From the heady fragrance of spring lilacs to the delicious silence of a winter snowfall, writer and lifelong gardener Tovah Martin explores the glories of her garden using the five senses. Her sage advice and gratifying reflections on the rewards of a more mindful way of gardening will inspire you to look closer, breathe deeper, listen harder, and truly savor the gifts of your garden." --

New paperback edition.
230 pages ; 21 cm
Includes index.
Introduction: Coming to my senses
Spring. Sight. Spring green
Not-so-mellow yellows
Spireas: Great balls of fire --True blue
Smell. Earth
Bury your nose
Tarts of Spring --Lilacs
Sound. Jeepers peepers
Such a tweet
The rhythm section
Touch. Hands down
Hand sown
Love hurts
Support tactics
Entry-level maneuvers
The untouchables
Taste. Asparagus
Lettuce lust
Pecking order
Summer. Sight. Social butterflies
Hot colors
Accidents on purpose
The sky is the limit --The whites of their eyes
Beyond searborough fair
Smell. A rosy future
Rue the day
Sweet peas Night moves
Sound. The daily buzz
Stormy weather
A little night music
Touch. Tug of war
Love shouldn't hurt
Pace Yourself
Sinking in
Taste. You say tomato
Berry tantalizing
Lettuce stand-ins
Magic beans
Autumn. Sight. Blades of grass
Taking leave of your senses
The blues
Gone to seed
Brown is beautiful
Smell. Grape nuts
Blowing in the wind
Deerly departed
Sound. Not counting crows
Keeping the garden humming
Crunch time
Touch. Get a grip
Underground assets
Thorny subjects
Tatse. Just peachy
Carrot gold
Cabbages and kings
The late show
Winter. Sight. Sparkle
Telltale signs
The shape of things
Windowsill dressing
Smell. Cold hard facts
Breathing in
Sound. The sound of silence
Things that go boom in the night
Touch. Bogarting sunbeams
Reach out and touch a leaf
Taste. Citrus
All that glitters
Dining on the fly
Finale: Forcing the issue.
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