Flawless, my dear : how to be more Bridgerton (a parody)

Published 2021
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Grosvenor Square, sometime after 1813. Dearest reader, The social season is upon us! And whether you marriage-minded misses shall be considered a diamond or a doorstop shall soon be determined. But panic not, dear ladies, for you shall find all the advice you so desperately need within these pages. Receive instruction on how to perfect the feigned swoon; the optimal height your breasts can be squashed to; just how many feathers in your headdress is too many; and why you should never enter a maze at night unaccompanied (unless you're sure to be compromised by a sexy Duke and forced into marrying him). In short, you shall learn how to be more Bridgerton. Yours truly, Duchess Wibberfluffle.

1 volume : illustrations (black and white) ; 19 cm
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