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95 Results
The mitten : a Ukrainian folktale —Brett, Jan, 1949- author.
57 available of 79 items

One by one, animals in a snowy forest crawl into Nicki's lost white mitten to get warm until the bear sneezes, sending the animals flying up and out of the mitten. On each turn of the page, signature borders inspired by ...

The snowy nap —Brett, Jan, 1949- author, illustrator.
11 available of 30 items

After hearing about winter from his friends, Hedgie the hedgehog tries to stay awake to experience its wonders.

The hat —Brett, Jan, 1949-
41 available of 55 items

When Lisa hangs her woolen clothes in the sun to air them out for winter, the hedgehog, to the amusement of the other animals, ends up wearing a stocking on his head.

Gingerbread baby —Brett, Jan, 1949- author.
30 available of 35 items

A young boy and his mother bake a gingerbread baby that escapes from their oven and leads a crowd on a chase similar to the one in the familiar tale about a not-so-clever gingerbread man.

The three snow bears —Brett, Jan, 1949-
37 available of 44 items

Retells the story of Goldilocks, set in an Inuit village and featuring a family of polar bears.

The wild Christmas reindeer —Brett, Jan, 1949- author.
63 available of 63 items

After a few false starts, Teeka discovers the best way to get Santa's reindeer ready for Christmas Eve.

Home for Christmas —Brett, Jan, 1949- author.
48 available of 49 items

Rollo the troll is tired of chores, but after spending time on the tundra with various animal families, from owls to moose, he realizes that he wants to be home for Christmas even if that means behaving himself.

Gingerbread Christmas —Brett, Jan, 1949- author.
26 available of 27 items

"Gingerbread Baby and his friend, Matti, take his gingerbread band to the Christmas Festival where they are a hit--until the aroma of gingerbread reaches the children, signaling the time to run away"-- Provided by publis...

The animals' Santa —Brett, Jan, 1949- author, illustrator.
28 available of 30 items

"In northern Canada a rabbit named Little Snow is celebrating his first Christmas, and after all the forest animals tell him about the animals' Santa, he is excited to wake up on Christmas morning to find his own surpris...

Gingerbread friends —Brett, Jan, 1949-
23 available of 25 items

Lonely Gingerbread Baby, having set out to find a friend, enters a bakery where he tries to talk to different cookies and other figures, but winds up leading a crowd back to his house on a chase similar to the one in the...

The mermaid —Brett, Jan, 1949- author, illustrator.
19 available of 27 items

"Set in the ocean off Japan, this retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears stars Kiniro, a mermaid, who finds a baby octopus's breakfast, chair, and bed just right"-- Provided by publisher.

Christmas trolls —Brett, Jan, 1949- author.
36 available of 38 items

When Treva investigates the disappearance of her family's Christmas things, she finds two mischievous trolls who have never had a Christmas of their own.

The night before Christmas —Moore, Clement Clarke, 1779-1863.
24 available of 24 items

Presents the well-known poem about an important Christmas visitor.

The turnip —Brett, Jan, 1949- author, illustrator.
8 available of 22 items

Badger Girl is delighted to find the biggest turnip she has ever seen growing in her vegetable garden, but when the time comes to harvest the giant root, she is unable to pull it up without help from family and friends.

The tale of the tiger slippers —Brett, Jan, 1949- author, illustrator.
5 available of 17 items

A retelling of a folktale about how a pair of magical slippers always find their way back to the tiger whose mother made them for him.

Hedgie's surprise —Brett, Jan, 1949-
27 available of 34 items

Hedgie, the hedgehog, helps Henny, the speckled hen, trick the Tomten who has been eating all of Henny's eggs for breakfast.

The 3 little dassies —Brett, Jan, 1949-
20 available of 23 items

In this adaptation of the traditional folktale, three little dassies (also called rock hyraxes) build their houses in the Namib Desert of Southern Africa, hoping for protection from the eagle that lives atop a nearby mou...

Scary, scary Halloween —Bunting, Eve, 1928- author.
54 available of 55 items

A band of trick-or-treaters and a mother cat and her kittens spend a very scary Halloween.

Who's that knocking on Christmas Eve —Brett, Jan, 1949-
27 available of 27 items

A boy from Finnmark and his ice bear help scare away some hungry trolls so that Kyri and her father can enjoy their Christmas Eve meal.

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