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Star of the party : the solar system celebrates! —Carr, Jan (M. J.), author.

All the planets in the solar system decide to throw Sun a birthday party. Includes facts about the planets.

Dappled apples —Carr, J. (Jan)

Rhyming text and illustrations celebrate the pleasures of fall, from turning leaves and apple picking to pumpkins and Halloween.

Big Truck and Little Truck —Carr, J. (Jan)

Big Truck and Little Truck work together on Farley's Farm, until the day that Big Truck is towed away for repairs and Little Truck must haul produce to the city all by himself.

Splish, splash, spring —Carr, J. (Jan)

Illustrations and rhyming text describe some of the delights of spring.

Sweet hearts —Carr, J. (Jan)

A young girl celebrates Valentine's Day by making and hiding paper hearts around the house for her family to discover. Includes directions for making hearts and a brief history of Valentine's Day.

Toe shoe mouse —Carr, Jan (M. J.)

Chased into a theater by a cat, a mouse becomes entranced by the ballet dancers on stage and comes to be friends with one of them.

Frozen noses —Carr, J. (Jan)

Describes the delights of such winter activities as throwing snowballs, making a snowman, and going ice skating.

Swine divine —Carr, J. (Jan)

Rosie the pig takes drastic steps to prove that pigs belong in the muck-mushy mud and not dressed up in front of a camera.

The nature of the beast —Carr, J. (Jan)

When Isabelle buys a beast on special at the pet store, her father thinks it will be an interesting scientific experiment, but her mother says it will have to go if it continues its loud imitations of her French lessons....

Cause I love you —Carr, Jan (M. J.)

A mother bear dresses her cub in warm clothes and tells him she loves him as they go grocery shopping, play at the park, make dinner, and say goodnight.

Greedy Apostrophe : a cautionary tale —Carr, J. (Jan)

Greedy Apostrophe runs all over town inserting himself in places where he does not belong and causing great confusion.

You're invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's ballet party —Carr, J. (Jan)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and their friends visit the New York City Ballet.

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