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Don't keep silent —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

"Investigative reporter Reagan Burke will go anywhere and do anything to find her missing sister-in-law, even if it means facing Liam McKade, a man who almost lost his life saving hers. Their search grows darker and more...

Present danger —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

"USFS Special Agent Terra Connors is called to investigate a body found in the national forest. As she's uncovering clues that show the victim may have been involved in criminal activities, the case takes a deadly turn t...

Always look twice —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

"While photographing the Grand Tetons, Harper Reynolds unwittingly captures a murder on film. But when she loses the camera fleeing the scene, can she and rancher Heath McKade find the camera and solve the murder before ...

Deadly evidence —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

FBI agent Tori Peterson intends to find her sister's murderer, even if someone's willing to kill her to keep the truth hidden. But that means returning home and working with the lead detective--her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Bra...

Distress signal —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.
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"When shipwreck archaeologist Cora Strand is attacked and the research boat she's on explodes, her ex comes to her rescue. Years ago, Kirk Higgins forfeited her heart, and now with no memory of who attacked her, Cora mus...

Stormy haven —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.
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When someone tries to kill former government agent Jonna Strand, Ian Brady comes to her rescue. Now Ian must keep Jonna safe and catch the would-be killer--without revealing he was sent undercover to protect her. But whe...

Never let go —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

When a forensic genealogist stumbles into the middle of a decades old abduction case, she will need the help of her ex-flame to discover the truth, stay alive, and save her heart in the process.

Tailspin —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.
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"Nothing can stop Sylvie Masters from scuba diving to find her mother's downed plane--except possibly the hit man determined to keep the truth from surfacing. When brave bush pilot Will Pierson comes to her rescue, she k...

Running target —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.
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"A routine patrol turns deadly when marine deputy Bree Carrington's boat is sunk by men carrying illegal weapons. Fleeing a barrage of bullets, she's suddenly rescued by DEA agent Quinn Strand--her ex-boyfriend. Quinn's ...

Targeted for murder —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

"With his dying breath, Hadley Mason's fatally shot father reveals he's a CIA agent...and a bounty has been placed on both their heads. Heeding his urgent warning to disappear and trust no one, Hadley flees into the Oreg...

Buried —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

Fleeing to Alaska is the only option for Leah Marks after witnessing a murder. Afraid for her life, the legal investigator hopes a remote cabin will be a safe shelter. But the killer has tracked her to Mountain Cove. As ...

Wilderness reunion —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.
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After stumbling on a drug operation, Alice Wilde races through the woods as bullets whiz past, using her skills as a wilderness guide to elude her pursuers. But she doesn't stay safe for long once one of the armed men re...

False security —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.
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"Arriving at her secluded cabin to find her brother missing, Olivia Kendricks follows his trail into the woods-until two shooters take aim at her. She only escapes when ex-detective Zachary Long, her brother's friend-and...

Fugitive trail —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

When a plane carrying dangerous convicts crashes in the Colorado Rockies, Deputy Sierra Young and her search-and-rescue K-9, Samson, race to help, and discover they're after her! With one survivor vowing revenge, Sierra'...

Texas Christmas defender —Goddard, Elizabeth, author.

After earning the wrath of her brother, a notorious drug kingpin, Adriana Garcia has been in deep hiding on a remote Texas llama ranch. But when Texas Ranger Brent McCord manages to find her--leading her brother's men ri...

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