4 Results
4 Results
Don't worry, Little Crab —Haughton, Chris, author, illustrator.
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"Little Crab and Very Big Crab live in a tiny rock pool near the sea. Today they're going for a dip in the big ocean. "This is going to be so great," says Little Crab, splish-splashing and squelch-squelching along, all t...

Goodnight everyone —Haughton, Chris, author.
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The sun is setting, and everyone in the forest is getting sleepy. The mice, rabbits, and deer all give great big yawns as they snuggle up with their families for the night. But someone isn't sleepy just yet. Little Bear ...

Little owl lost —Haughton, Chris, author.
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While his mother is away finding food, a newborn owl falls out of his nest and anxiously tries to find her, receiving help from various forest animals.

Shh! we have a plan —Haughton, Chris, author.
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"Four friends creep through the woods, and what do they spot? An exquisite bird high in a tree! 'Hello birdie,' waves one. 'Shh! We have a plan,' hush the others. They stealthily make their advance, nets in the air. Read...