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Did you mean? Lawrence Margarita
A bird in the house —Laurence, Margaret.

In eight interconnected, finely wrought stories, Margaret Laurence recreates the world of Vanessa MacLeod--a world of scrub-oak, willow, and chokecherry bushes; of family love and conflict; and of a girl's growing awaren...

A jest of God —Laurence, Margaret, author.

Rachel Cameron is a woman struggling to come to terms with love, with death, with herself and her world. Trapped in a milieu of deceit and pettiness - her own and that of others - Rachel longs for love, and contact with...

The stone angel —Laurence, Margaret.
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Ninety-year-old Hagar Shipley reflects on a life of rigid pride. In a series of sharply etched vignettes, the tragedy of all Hagar has lost is revealed. The motherless daughter of the wealthiest man in the prairie town...

The stone angel

At 90, Hagar Shipley may be considered old, but she hasn't stopped fighting. As her son and daughter-in-law take her to a nursing home, Hagar resists and remembers a lifetime of boldness and courage.

The adventures of young Indiana Jones. Volume one

Join the amazing journeys of young Indy as he crosses paths with Picasso, Freud, Edison and other larger-than-life luminaries on his travels around the world.

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