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No safe harbour : the Halifax explosion diary of Charlotte Blackburn —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

Twelve year old Charlotte Blackburn receives a diary from her brother serving overseas in France during World War One and uses it to record the events leading up to and following the Halifax Explosion of December 6, 1917...

The Klondike cat —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

Noah takes Shadow, his cat, along when he and his father go to the Klondike during the gold rush.

Ghosts of the Titanic —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

Alternates between the tales of Angus Seaton, the youngest crew member on a boat recovering bodies from the Titanic wreckage in 1912, and Kevin Messenger, a modern-day class clown in Victoria, British Columbia, who helps...

Bear on the train —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

One fall day, deep in the mountains, Bear smelled grain. He followed that smell down the mountain, over the river, into a town, and onto a hopper of a westbound train. Nobody saw him but Jeffrey. -- Thus begins a most un...

Building bridges —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

When Emily begins to include Mei Yuk, a Chinese immigrant, in her social life, she finds things change between her and her best friend.

Emma and the silk train —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

A fictional account of an actual silk train derailment that took place in September 1927 along the Fraser River in British Columbia.

A blinding light —Lawson, Julie, 1947- author.

"It's 1917 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The First World War is raging, and despite its distance from the conflict, the Halifax Harbour is bustling with activity. Anti-German prejudice is rampant, and though 12-year-old Maddi...

Emily : across the James Bay bridge —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

Meet Emily, a spirited, fun-loving ten-year living in Victoria with her mother, father and sisters, Amelia and Jane. The year is 1896, and Emily, like many kids, pines for a bicycle, the latest craze. On the other side o...

Emily : summer of gold —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

During summer holidays in 1897 Emily restores a lost dog to health and sees many prospectors come through Victoria on their way to the Klondike.

Cougar Cove —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

"Sam's vacation at her cousins' is nothing like she'd expected, and she's often left to her own devices. A chance discovery gives her a sense of self-worth and a memory that will last forever. By the award-winning auth...

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