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Amish baby lessons —Lewis, Patrice, author.

"Tall, plain and awkward, Amish maed Jane Troyer has always been "useful." Now she's the temporary nanny for overwhelmed Amish bachelor Levy Struder and his baby niece. But Jane's finding it hard to resist falling for th...

The Amish newcomer —Lewis, Patrice.

Television journalist Leah Porte never imagined her career would end with her witnessing a murder. Now she's temporarily living among the Amish in witness protection. Instead of feeling alone and adrift, Leah is warmly w...

4 film favourites. Ocean's collection = 4 films préférés : collection Danny Ocean.

Ocean's 11: New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. Roulette wheels spin and the champaign fizzes. It's the perfect time to steal a kiss or a $25 chip. But for Danny Ocean and his 10 partners in crime, it's the perfect moment to st...

The simplicity primer 365 ideas for making life more livable —Lewis, Patrice.

"[R]eaders learn how a simple attitude adjustment can vastly affect their lives; how a few concrete changes can streamline daily life; how to stop financial leaks; how to simplify and strengthen relationships with partne...

Doing hard time

Michael was a good man and a loving father, until one day, his seven-year-old son was caught is the crossfire of a drug deal gone bad. Michael's mourning becomes outrage when his child's killer get only a slap on the wri...

Granny Dan —Steel, Danielle.

In my eyes she had always been old, always been mine, always been Granny Dan. But in another time, another place, there had been dancing, people, laughter, love. She had had another life before she came to us, long befor...