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Cultivating an unshakable character how to walk your talk all the way to the top —Rohn, E. James.
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Renowned speaker and author Jim Rohn shares his personal prescription for building your character and enjoying higher levels of self-confidence, self-respect, and cooperation from others.

Jim Rohn live living an exceptional life.

Awaken the unlimited power of achievement within you as you: Explore Jim's unique view of the 21st century and opportunities within it; Learn three ways to improve yourself and take advantage of those opportunities; Disc...

Motivational legends training, development & character for personal success.
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"For professional and personal plan development, this audio program from world-class motivators is essential. Millions have benefited from the timeless wisdom of Jim Rohn and consider him America's #1 business philosophe...

Converse with charisma how to talk to anyone and enjoy networking.
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Do you know someone who can easily strike up conversations with anyone? That person can be you! The traits of business networking are learned and can be mastered by anyone. This audio series is packed with practical reso...