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Grammar & punctuation. Grade 3 —Wurst, Sharman.
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Presents 25 grammar and punctuation rules followed by 3 activity sheets for practicing each rule. CD ROM contains rule charts, printable practice pages, skills review and record sheet.

Plants —Moore, Jo Ellen.

Hands-on activities on plants as living things, parts of plants and their special function, seeds, changes of plants, plants need for food, water and light, and people need plants for food and oxygen.

Sequencing —Moore, Jo Ellen.

Sequencing practice, whether picture stories or simple word stories, provides young learners with many important skills. This book provides a wide variety of reproducible cut-and-paste sequencing activities for children ...

Science centers. Grades 3-4 : folders for skill practice —Moore, Jo Ellen.

Contains 14 self-contained centers that students may use to practice science skills in areas such as life cycles, space, plants, animals, energy, weather, and the human body.