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Suddenly sisters —Harrison, Emma.

Mary-Kate and Ashley trade places with their friends Brittany and Melanie.

The case of the unicorn mystery —Alexander, Heather, 1962-

When Casey Bailey is accused of cheating at the big Easter egg race in the park, Mary-Kate and Ashley are on the case to prove her innocence. The only problem is that all the clues point to Casey!

The case of the cheerleading tattletale —Carroll, Jacqueline.

Mary-Kate and Ashley investigate when another camp's cheerleading team shows up at the tournament with all the same cheers.

Winning London

Mary-Kate and Ashley jet to London to represent their high school at an international competition of the Model United Nations, and have the time of their lives as they enjoy the thrill of competition and take in the sigh...

The case of the game show mystery —Thomas, Jim.

Ashley and Mary-Kate were thrilled to be on their favorite TV game show, but someone wanted them to lose big time.

Our lips are sealed

Follow Mary-Kate and Ashley halfway around the world in this Aussie adventure. The extraordinary escapade begins when the girls eyewitness a crime and are forced to go undercover in the FBI Witness Protection Program. Un...

To snoop or not to snoop —Katschke, Judy.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have a new telescope. Their father bought it so they could watch the stars, but they have a better idea. They're going to spy on their neighbours.

The case of the Hollywood who-done-it —Metz, Melinda.

When Mary-Kate and Ashley are invited to a really cool movie awards show, the golden statue award goes missing and the only clue they have are a few strands of blond hair. Will they find the award fast, so the awards sh...

The case of the golden slipper —Metz, Melinda.

Ashley and Mary-Kate are invited to a royal ball. But right before the ball, the princess is kidnapped. The only clue is a golden slipper.

Passport to Paris

When these two sisters visit France, they pack their bags for fun, and plot a rendezvous with adventure.

The case of the giggling ghost —Metz, Melinda.

Join Mary-Kate and Ashley as they set out to discover who is haunting the Halloween carnival.

The case of the great elephant escape —Doolittle, June.

Where in the world could someone hide an elephant? The circus was in town and their newest star--Maysie, the baby elephant--was missing.

The case of the sundae surprise —Metz, Melinda.

Mary-Kate and Ashley invent a new ice cream flavor for a contest at the ice cream store but somebody steals their top secret recipe.

Heart to heart —Katschke, Judy.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are busy delivering singing telegrams for Valentine's Day and making a friend supercool so their girlfriend will go out with him.

Let's party —Stine, Megan.

Mary-Kate and Ashley each plan surprise parties on the same night for different friends of theirs.

It's a twin thing —Katschke, Judy.

Mary-Kate and Ashley think they are too old to have a babysitter.

Little white lies —Ellis, Carol, 1945-

Mary-Kate and Ashley prepare to be bridesmaids in their cousin Jeanine's wedding.

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