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A girl, a raccoon, and the midnight moon —Young, Karen Romano, author.

Eleven-year-old Pearl Moran cannot imagine life without the historic but under-utilized branch of the New York Public Library where she was born (in the Memorial Room) and where her single mother works as the circulation...

Hilda and the great parade —Davies, Stephen, 1976- author.

Meet Hilda--explorer, adventurer, avid sketchbook-keeper, and friend to every creature in the valley! Well, almost every creature. We rejoin our favorite blue-haired heroine to find her warding off the nightmarish Marra,...

The watcher —Harlow, Joan Hiatt.

Kidnapped by her own mother, a Nazi spy, teenaged Wendy is transported from Maine to wartime Berlin, where she secretly supports the resistance movement and learns a family secret.

Don't call me baby —Heasley, Gwendolyn, author.

As she begins her first year of high school, fifteen-year-old Imogene is embarrassed by the blog her mother writes that has included every detail of Imogene's life since she was born.

It was supposed to be sunny —Cotterill, Samantha, author, illustrator.

"Laila's birthday party, perfectly planned with her autism in mind, goes awry due to a change in weather and an accident with her cake, but with the help of her mom and her service dog, Laila knows she can handle this."-...

One speck of truth —Carter, Caela, author.

"Alma yearns for the truth about her dead birth father, and a trip to his birthplace might provide the answers she desperately seeks"-- Provided by publisher.

Stargazing sky —Ray, Deborah Kogan, 1940-

A little girl and her mother stay up late to watch a shower of shooting stars.

A chair for my mother —Williams, Vera B.

A child, her waitress mother, and her grandmother save dimes to buy a comfortable armchair after all their furniture is lost in a fire.

Tuesday is Daddy's day —Kreloff, Elliot, author, illustrator.

A young girl splits her time between Mommy's house and Daddy's apartment, which he shares with his partner Harry, but when Mommy picks her up on Daddy's day the girl becomes sullen, not realizing Daddy has a wonderful su...

The memory thief —Anderson, Jodi Lynn, author.

When sixth-grader Rosie begins to see magic, she learns that her mother's dwindling memory is tied to an age-old battle between the light of the moon and the darkness of witches.

Guyaholic : a story of finding, flirting, forgetting...and the boy who changes everything —Mackler, Carolyn.

V, the queen of the meaningless hookup, has been with Sam for a pretty long time, but when she panics after graduation and messes everything up, it takes a solo driving trip from New York to visit her irresponsible mothe...

TBH, I don't want to say good-bye —Greenwald, Lisa, author.

When summer break brings BIG changes, these BFFs 4EVA may end up saying good-bye 4EVA in the eighth and final book in this popular middle-grade series told entirely in text messages, emojis, and passed notes. TBH, Cece, ...

The Mother-Daughter Book Club —Frederick, Heather Vogel.

When the mothers of four sixth-grade girls with very different personalities pressure them into forming a book club, they find, as they read and discuss Little Women, that they have much more in common than they could ha...

Yoko learns to read —Wells, Rosemary.

Despite the doubts of some classmates and her native-born Japanese mother's inability to read English, Yoko finds the key to reading and catches up with the other students in putting new leaves on the classroom's book tr...

When I carried you in my belly —Umrigar, Thrity N., author.

A young mother explains to her daughter how her laughter, her love of music, her sweet disposition, and her caring spirit were shaped by the time she spent in her mother's tummy.

Amber Brown is green with envy —Danziger, Paula, 1944-2004.

Fourth-grader Amber Brown must make some important decisions when her mother and Max move their wedding date up and prepare to buy a house together, while her father makes some bad choices of his own.

Brightwood —Unsworth, Tania, author.

When her mother disappears and a menacing stranger tries to claim her home, Brightwood Hall, for himself, Daisy must use her wits, courage, and help from her imaginary friends to survive.

My mom is trying to ruin my life —Feiffer, Kate.

A young girl describes all the ways in which her mother and father conspire to ruin her life.

In the role of Brie Hutchens ... —Melleby, Nicole, author.

"When strong-willed, drama-loving eighth grader Brie Hutchens tells a lie because she isn't quite ready to come out to her mother, she must navigate the consequences in her relationships with her family, friends, and fai...

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