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Aunt Dimity goes West

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No sooner has Lori arrived at her Colorado vacation home, the Aerie, when things go amiss. The caretaker has disappeared; the townspeople are hiding a secret. Is the Aerie cursed or is a sinister human hand at work? With Aunt Dimity's help, Lori sets out to solve a 100-year-old mystery. 2007.

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Series: Aunt Dimity series


Genre: Mystery fiction

Other Authors: Centre for Equitable Library Access (Canada)

ISBN: 9780616496398

Edition: Computer data (66 files : 111 mb).


  • (8 hrs., 4 min.) : sound.
  • digital Digital recording


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  • Restricted to use by people with documented print impairment.
  • Pat Barlow.
  • Audio and text.
  • [Burnaby, B.C.] : Public Library InterLINK, 2007.
  • London : Penguin Books, 2007. 9780670038404
  • DAISY 2.02 standard; MP3 compression at 32 kbps.
  • Analogue to digital.
  • YA001 fr
  • 20090520 Y 200
  • NO NO
  • InProd
  • 2007

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