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Banana cream pie murder


After an extravagant honeymoon, Hannah's eager to settle down in Lake Eden and turn domestic daydreams into reality. But when her mother's neighbor is discovered murdered in the condo downstairs, reality becomes a nightmarish investigation. Victoria Bascomb, once a renowned stage actress, was active in the theater community during her brief appearance in town ... and made throngs of enemies along the way. Did a random intruder murder the woman as police claim, or was a deadlier scheme at play? As Hannah peels through countless suspects and some new troubles of her own, solving this crime - and living to tell about it - might prove trickier than mixing up the ultimate banana cream pie.

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★★★☆☆ Better Than The Christmas Caramel Murder (Staff Re

By Patron43269 on Sat, 11 Mar 2017 09:55:10

So Fluke managed to follow my advice and do better than the last title in this series. It's still not stellar writing, but at least it's an improvement and the story is enjoyable enough. Hannah and Ross are just completing their honeymoon when a murder investigation arises back home. Between trying to solve the crime and both of them working busy jobs, the newlyweds have little time together and Hannah feels uncertain of all Ross may be thinking and feeling. This sets the novel up for a bit of a surprise ending and - gasp! - another book to come (#22). Maybe it's time to give it a rest? On the other hand, many readers look forward to all those delectable recipes that are included with each story. Most of which I won't personally make as they're so unhealthy. Just my opinion. ~Susan, Waterloo Public Library

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