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The reluctant guardian



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Subjects: Man-woman relationships -- Fiction.



  • 9780373425136
  • 0373425139

Description: 284 pages ; 17 cm.

Notes: Category: Inspirational.

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★★★★★ Steeped in the Culture of the Times

By Maya Pinion on Tue, 13 Jun 2017 19:04:22

Author Suzanne Dietze loves to use a plethora of antiquated words to capture the time period of her writing. For example she described a dowager's attire by saying, "A toque sat atop her graying curls like a diadem, and the train of her violet gown swirled at her feet." I must admit I needed to access definitions of toque and diadem to catch the essence of the mental image created. In spite of the breaks taken, the story is well crafted, and steeped in the culture of Hampshire and London England in the early 1800s when smuggling and plots to overthrow the government occurred. Romance blossoms and flourishes in this novel, along with suspense. The gaps of class distinction are exposed in the novel as well. And of course, bad guys are exposed, and the good guys win.

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