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The house of secrets



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Graff, Keir, 1969- — Both authors write fast paced political thrillers featuring likable heroes, powerful villains, and plots with numerous twist and turns. The stories have a strong sense of paranoia as they explore "what if" political situations. The books move quickly as the heroes work to defeat the villains who want to control America. -- Merle Jacob
Grippando, James, 1958- — With basically good characters caught up in dangerous situations, the fast-paced Suspense novels of James Grippando should interest fans of Brad Meltzer. Grippando's multiple plot twists and atmospheric settings will also please readers. -- Shauna Griffin
Grisham, John — In their novels, both Brad Meltzer and John Grisham portray young, vulnerable lawyers caught in difficult situations, pitted against powerful but corrupt enemies. Fast pacing, provocative storylines, suspense and danger, along with sympathetic characters make Grisham a good choice for Meltzer fans. -- Victoria Caplinger
Baldacci, David — Just like Brad Meltzer, David Baldacci sets his page-turning thrillers against diverse high-power backgrounds -- financial, political, law enforcement, legal. He also offers action-filled plots and sympathetic protagonists battling powerful and deadly opponents. -- Krista Biggs
Finder, Joseph — The heroes of both Joseph Finder's and Brad Meltzer's thrillers are often thrown into deadly situations without any training, and must live by their wits--and save themselves and others--in a dangerous world where black-hearted politicians and corrupt corporations have all the power. -- Shauna Griffin
Quirk, Matthew — Both Matthew Quirk and Brad Meltzer write intricately plotted political thrillers. Usually set in Washington D.C., these plot driven thrillers pit their nice-guy heroes against dangerous conspirators who are out to subvert democracy. Tension builds through the twists and turns of the plots to the explosive climaxes. -- Merle Jacob
Frey, Stephen W. — Stephen W. Frey's financial Thrillers make a good suggestion for Brad Meltzer fans. Conspiracies and power-hungry corporate executives make worthy opponents for Frey's cagey investment bankers (who, like Meltzer's, have a conscience), in these fast-paced, complex, twisted tales of financial skullduggery and more. -- Shauna Griffin
Shelby, Philip — Sympathetic female protagonists, naive and ordinary like Brad Meltzer's heroes, and page-turning plots involving politics, espionage, and finance make Philip Shelby's Thrillers possible suggestions for Meltzer's fans. Although action takes precedence over character development, Shelby's engrossing tales pull readers into the story in a similar fashion. -- Shauna Griffin
Reich, Christopher, 1961- — Terrorism, international finance, espionage, and more fill the pages of Christopher Reich's fast-paced, intelligent Thrillers, and his appealing characters, complex plots, and a wealth of details make him a good suggestion for Meltzer readers. -- Shauna Griffin
Beck, Glenn — These authors' works are Suspenseful and Fast-paced, and they share: the genres 'Thrillers and suspense' and 'Political thrillers' and the subject 'Conspiracies'.
Flynn, Vince — These authors' works are Suspenseful and Fast-paced, and they share: the genres 'Thrillers and suspense' and 'Political thrillers' and the subject 'Washington, D.C.'.
Patterson, Richard North — These authors' works are Suspenseful, Richly detailed, and Fast-paced, and they share: the genres 'Thrillers and suspense' and 'Political thrillers' and the subjects 'Murder' and 'Secrets'.

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