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A love for Leah


Widow Leah Yoder married for love once. Now that she has come home to Seven Poplars, she wants a marriage of convenience that will provide a longed-for family without dishonoring the memory of her late husband. A steady, serious older man would be ideal--someone completely unlike handsome, fun-loving Thomas Stutzman. She and the aspiring organic farmer agree to court to prove that this time, the matchmaker has made a mistake! But as their friendship deepens will Leah settle for what she thought she needed, or put fear aside for a second chance at happiness?

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Series: The Amish matchmaker




  • 9780373899098
  • 9780373622559
  • 0373899092
  • 0373622554

Description: 217 pages ; 17 cm.


  • Category: Inspirational.
  • Publisher, pagination and printing dates may vary.
  • "Love inspired Inspirational romance."--Spine.

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