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Louis L'Amour's lost treasures. Volume 1 : unfinished manuscripts, mysterious stories, and lost notes from one of the world's most popular novelists



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  • 9780399177545
  • 039917754X

Edition: First edition.

Description: xxx, 508 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

Other Title: Lost treasures. Volume 1


  • Jeremy Loccard: the first four chapters of a western horror novel
  • Trail of tears: the first 7 chapters of a historical novel
  • A woman worth having: a treatment for an adventure story
  • Johnny Banta: several beginnings to a western novel
  • Java Dix: the beginning of a crime story
  • Investment in character: a treatment for a western story
  • The golden tapestry: the beginning of an adventure novel, and a treatment
  • Louis Riel: the first three chapters of a historical novel
  • Llano Estacado: the beginning of a western novel
  • Shelby Tucker: the beginning of a western novel
  • Citizen of the darker streets: the beginning of an adventure story
  • Where flows the Bangkok: a treatment for an adventure story
  • Vanderdyke: the first three chapters of a historical novel
  • Mike Kerleven: notes for a crime story
  • Stan Brodie: the first four chapters of a western novel
  • Jack Cross: the beginning of an adventure story
  • China King: the beginning of a crime story
  • Tap Talharan: the beginning of a western story
  • The dark hole: the beginning of a crime story
  • Samsara: three beginnings for an adventure novel, and a treatment
  • Journey to Aksu: the beginning of an adventure novel.

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Child, Lee — Fans of Louis L'Amour who are willing to break into another genre shouldn't overlook Lee Child. Looking for compelling tales of justice featuring a loner hero, descriptive landscapes, and gunplay used only as a last resort? Child's Jack Reacher--a loner hero with a strong moral code living completely off the grid--will fit the bill. -- Shauna Griffin
Johnstone, William W. — Fans of William W. Johnstone's westerns will enjoy work by Louis L'Amour for its strong sense of place, flinty male protagonists, and action-packed plots. Like Johnstone, he stresses the cultural conflicts inherent in the Old West. -- Mike Nilsson
Grey, Zane, 1872-1939 — Zane Gray and Louis L'Amour are golden age western writers, producing stories of action, adventure and the often hardscrabble life of the Old West. Filled with beautiful description and concise, clear prose, their books speak of romance and the Code of the West. -- Melissa Gray
Jones, Douglas C. (Douglas Clyde), 1924-1998 — Like Louis L'Amour, Douglas C. Jones' Westerns combine historical accuracy with strong storytelling, though Jones rarely ventures further west than Arkansas. His stories of settling the West are filled with action and adventure and a touch of humor, and are marked by respect for Native Americans and their traditions. -- Shauna Griffin
Compton, Ralph — Ralph Compton and Louis L'Amour have kept the Western genre alive. Their old-fashioned storytelling features gunslingers, cattle drives, outlaws, and more. Both write with a respect for human decency and a love of the land. -- Mike Nilsson
Kelton, Elmer — Award-winning Western writer Elmer Kelton may not provide rough and tumble action in every chapter, but he, like Louis L'Amour, believes that heroes need to settle down and keep the law, not ride on when their job is finished. The landscape of the changing West features prominently in his work. -- Shauna Griffin
Nesbitt, John D. — Cowboys, ranchers, and lawmen collide with horse thieves, Indians, and outlaws in these fast-paced, classic westerns. While John D. Nesbitt's work also centers on solving mysteries, both writers bring an authentic frontier feel to their work through careful detail, convincing dialogue, and believable plotting. -- Mike Nilsson
MacLean, Alistair, 1922-1987 — Though he wrote mostly thrillers and military adventures, as well as a few Westerns, Alistair MacLean provides the non-stop action that Louis L'Amour's fans crave. Featuring strong heroes (mostly men) who explore new frontiers, his stories also include landscapes described in detail. -- Shauna Griffin
Brand, Max, 1892-1944 — Like Louis L'Amour, prolific Western writer Max Brand focused on action rather than character. While his stories lack the extensive details of Western life and landscape familiar to L'Amour's readers, fans who appreciate Western adventures might try his fast-paced tales. -- Shauna Griffin
Hillerman, Tony — Though his novels lack much physical action, Tony Hillerman's reservation-set contemporary mysteries offer all the details of landscape and tradition that Louis L'Amour fans enjoy. In addition, his respect for the West and for Native Americans and the timeless feel of his stories may appeal to L'Amour fans. -- Shauna Griffin
Turner, Nancy E., 1953- — These authors' works are Fast-paced, and they share: the genre 'Westerns' and the subject 'Frontier and pioneer life'.
Early, Tom — These authors' works are Plot-driven, and they share: the genre 'Westerns' and the subject 'Frontier and pioneer life'.

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