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The last good cowboy


Ry Morgan has always had a thing for Avery Hayes---one more hope his twin wrecked for him, pretending to be Ry to kiss her at the high school prom. Eight years later, Ry has had enough: he's quitting the pro rodeo circuit, moving home to California to mend fences, and letting his brother clean up his own messes for a change. Reclaiming Avery's stolen kiss is at the top of his agenda. But Avery has changed. Her rodeo career ended with a fall that left her lucky to be alive, let alone walking. She hasn't been on a horse since, and between surgeries and fighting off everybody's pity she hasn't done much else either. Ry is stong, confident, and sexy as hell --- exactly what she thought she wanted at seventeen. Now, she'll have to protect the safe space she's made for herself --- or rick it all for a dream she thought would never come again.

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Series: Morgan Ranch




  • 9781420140040
  • 1420140043

Description: 330 pages ; 18 cm.

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