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DAISY Sound Recording

Katherine (Katya) Vogt is now an old woman living in Winnipeg, but the story of how she and her family came to Canada begins in Russia in 1910, on a wealthy Mennonite estate. Here they lived in a world bounded by the pro...
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"Nine beautiful stories set in Manitoba past and present explore dislocation between cultures and generations, ourselves and our yearnings. An elderly couple deals with a murderous granddaughter; a middle-aged woman brin...
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DAISY Sound Recording

Prairie writing forms a literary landscape as abundant as the ranchlands, farm fields, forests and cityscapes it portrays. Includes stories by Sandra Birdsell, Bonnie Burnard, Sharon Butala, F.P. Grove, Margaret Laurence...


pt.1. [1]. Ikwe: A young Ojibwa girl of 1770, Ikwe awakens one night from a disturbing dream about a strange man. The arrival of a young Scottish fur trader transforms her dream into reality. Marrying him, Ikwe leaves he...