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Lavinia Lake and Tobias March are called upon to find the killer of a friend's wife and to recover a priceless, ancient bracelet said to possess mystical powers.
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From the moment he burst into her antiques shop in Rome, Lavinia Lake knew the stranger was nothing but trouble. He said he was in pursuit of a killer. He swore he was only trying to save her. Yet no matter what he cl...
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Lavinia Lake and Tobias March join forces, romantically and intellectually, to solve the murder of the beautiful wife of an old family friend. When she plans to leave her husband, the lovely Celeste Hudson is tragically...
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After her shop in Italy is destroyed by a stranger and she becomes the target of a blackmailer who turns up dead, Lavinia Lake joins forces with Tobias March, a private investigator hired by a secret employer, to uncover...