Fines and Replacements

Late Charges

Late charges will be applied to items returned after closing on the due date. There are no late charges on children’s material. Charges vary depending on the format.

If you have charges of $10.00 or over, you will be unable to borrow until you reduce the charges to less than $10.00.

A replacement charge is automatically added to your record for items that are overdue for 30 days. The replacement charge represents the average cost for the Library to replace that sort of item plus a $7.00 processing fee. If you later return this item, the replacement charge is removed and replaced with the maximum late charge.  If the item is lost, you will be responsible for paying the replacement charge. Replacement charges also apply to damaged items. The fee for lost library card replacement is $3.00.

Material Type Loan Period Fine per Day Fine Cap Per Item
Adult Books 21 days $0.30 $6.30
Young Adult Books 21 days $0.20 $4.20
CDs, Book on CD 21 days $0.30 $6.30
Juvenile materials
(including A/V)
21 days No fines No fines
Literacy materials / ESL 21 days No fines No fines
DVDs (includes blu-ray and
7 days $1.00 $7.00
Video games 7 days $1.00 $7.00
Library science materials
(Provincial Library)
21 days No fines No fines